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Our Patented System Has Evolved Critter Removal Forward by 100 Years! 

As highly-trained specialists in this field, we use our higher-level understanding of animal behavior to change the animal’s behavior so they do what we want them to do. Because of the incredible efficiency of our system, we offer a full 2-year guarantee that covers the entire structure from any future infestations. 

If you don’t see this logo on the truck then you are dealing with a imposter company. Send them away and call the experts in wildlife removal at 973-801-9007.

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Second to None, Full Satisfaction 2 Year Guarantee

Unfortunately, when other companies say they guarantee their work, it means the spots they worked on are guaranteed, but if an animal makes a new entry, that is normally treated as a new job and ensures new charges. Our 2-year guarantee covers anything the species does anywhere on the structure. We do this because we pre-emptively cover all the hot spots to eliminate re-infestation, and if you have ANY ISSUES for the next two years, we go back absolutely free.

Pride Over Profit!

We professionally train our techs in every facet of what we do to ensure they will do an excellent job. We continuously look for better ways to improve the work we do, not necessarily cheaper or faster. We work as a team, and every job gets 3-5 team members double and triple-checking the area and each other’s work to make sure we do what we do right the first time.









Here at NJ WILDLIFE AND PEST CONTROL, we offer the following:

-Unique patented system to permanently remove bats, raccoons, and squirrels from any home or building

-Our extensive knowledge of construction as well as animal behavior allows us a one-of-a-kind ability to do what we do better than anyone else on the market today.

-Fast, fair, and friendly service at all times

-A real guarantee in writing write on the invoice telling you what is guaranteed and for how long. There is no fine print. 

-Fully insured

-Every job is addressed with a full team of 3-5 techs to make sure we get the job done right

-If you have any questions or you are ready to book our services, please call 201-201-8484

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