Raccoons are said to be the most adaptable mammal on the planet. They thrive on almost every continent and in every environment. They find shelter, food and survive wherever they are found, the not only survive they thrive. At NJ Wildlife and Pest Control we have developed and patented a device and process to humanely remove them from our customers house and keep them from getting back in, and we guarantee in long term with the best guarantee in the industry.


The reason we are so successful in plying our trademark is due to the shear number of wildlife jobs we have completed. While the vast majority of people that do this kind of work have historically been insect exterminators doing it more as a favor than anything else we have actively sought out work with invasive mammals from the start and that has allowed us to develop a true understanding of exactly what these animals will do when faced with the treatments we invented and use in our day to day interactions with these animals.




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  • They are also nocturnal, so your best 
  • chance of seeing a raccoon is at night 
  • in woodlands, wetlands, parks, and suburbs.


If you have a raccoon problem in Randolph NJ, Morris County, Essex or Bergen County or Rockland County NY give us a call our prices are competitive and we give you a lot more upfront work for the same price. Our guarantee is longer, and we actually answer our phone and come back if there is a concern.

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible solutions for our customers.

And we go out of our way to do our best by the animals we interact with. They are usually the females of the species looking for a safe place to raise her family and our empty attics just seem like a waste of space to them so they figure they might as well use them. 


2nd Year Wildlife Apprentice


1st Year Wildlife Apprentice


1st Year Wildlife Apprentice


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Senior Wildlife Technician

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