Squirrels in the attic?

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More than any other species of invasive house pests, the eastern grey squirrels in a NJ Attic is the most prolific of all. However winter of 2020/2021 saw an explosion in flying squirrel populations in NJ Attics. Bergen County NJ and Rockland County NY flyings squirrel attributed for 60% of all squirrel in the attic jobs as opposed to only about 25% in most years. This is most likely due to a grey squirrel population that had a hard year finding food after the 2019 mast year for oak trees. While the flying squirrels that store larger amounts of food in much safer locations (NJ Attics) were able to get through 2020 easily.


To the average person, its just a squirrel. To us it is a clue to what is affecting NJ Wildlife species and how they react to an ever changing landscape and environment.

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Squirrel Removal Morris County NJ.

Squirrel infestation is responsible for a number of issues, including the very real danger of causing residential fires by chewing through the protective casing which surrounds modern house wiring, which exposes the bare copper wires beneath.  





A Proper Inspection is Vitally Important to Effectively Get Rid of Squirrels

Here at NJ Wildlife & Pest Control, we will perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of the home or building as well as the attic, provide a written course of action to remove squirrels then utilize our patented system to remove the squirrels and permanently stop them from entering the domicile in the future.  






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